Saturday, September 18, 2010

Money Face we've heard!,,,,,,,..but moneyQueen??

             This article appeared in The Straits Times dated 11th March 1952.

The Straits Times 30th Jan 1954

The Straits Times 8th April 1954


According to the Straits Times article(8 April) mentioned above, it was implied that the colour of the new $100 currency note is predominantly blue. I wonder????

I wonder then what is the predominantly colour of the $50 note?

The Straits Times 8th Dec 1954
One of my favourite sets, although the condition leaves much to be desired.


The Straits Times 23 Aug 1955

The Straits Times 23 Aug 1955


This series will be the last the British Monarchy will ever be featured in any of the Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore currency notes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Unique Buffalo or Duit Kerbau 1961 $10

The Straits Times 22 Nov 1960

Apparently, the Commissioners decided to issue only the $10 denomination after the $1 series.

The Straits Times 27 Nov 1961

The Straits Times 28 Nov 1961

The common small 'A' prefixes

The scarce large 'A' prefix      

                                                                  The rare 'B' prefix

I understand that after these series were demonetised, the local population uses them to burn as monetary offerings during the Chinese Seven Month festival and funerals. Hence, their rarity and the high prices that these notes can command.
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