Saturday, January 7, 2012

Belated Happy New Year!

            A very Belated Happy New Year, 2012 again to all my friends and collectors out there!

This year began well for me as I managed to get a rare signed banknote from an American dealer, this particular note was mentioned in my last blog article.................

and only just yesterday, an uncut piece of this banknote graded by PCGS as NEW 61,

was sold for:  

This translates to about SGD6,350.00 or about MYR15,360.00, and in the mid 1990s a better piece of this series of uncut sheet was going for about SGD800.00.

May this piece of good news bring cheer and happiness to all banknote collectors that the banknote market is alive and well despite all the depressing world current economic situtation.


  1. Congratulation!And Happy New Year 2012!
    Great news to manage to acquire a Rare note,hope the double happiness always be with you!Cheers!

  2. Hello Dickson,

    Thank you for your warm greetings, may I return and extend the same complimentary and greetings to you and your family.
    May your hobby and business prospers this year and the years to come.


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