Friday, May 28, 2010

An Improbable Banknote Error by printer Thomas De La Rue.

This was The Straits Times article dated Thursday, June 25, 1992 depicting the impending sale of the book "Prudence at the Helm" containing a commemorative $2 banknote to be on sale the following Monday, June 29, 1992.

This was one of the three banknotes/books which I managed to buy on that Monday.

Can you spot the error?

The following article did not appear till 5 days later, when The Straits Times mentioned that there was an error.

As the English Language is the lingua franca of Singapore and the printer being a world class British company, such spelling error is almost improbable!

Thanks be to them, that if you had bought the book back then, the asking price in 2010 is about eight times it's original selling price and still going up!


  1. Hi.
    Is there another $2 note in this book? just with a large BCCS logo under the coat of arms?


  2. Hi,
    There are no other 'live' note or any with a large BCCCS logo. There is one particular specimen note printed but magnified 30% on real banknote paper using ordinary printing method without the usual security features. You can see this note in the featured newspaper article.


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