Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Straits Settlements 10cents, 14th October 1919, Third Issue

   A pair of Third Issue Straits Settlements 10 cents banknote dated 14th October 1919.
  Notice any difference between the two notes, except for the prefix and serial numbers.

  • The colour of the printings.                 
  • The 1919 numerals.                              

According to a Malaysian reference book published in the 70s, all 10c banknotes signed by the Ag. Treasurer A.M. Pountney, are Dark Red with green pattern prints and when signed by the Treasurer A.M. Pountney, are Bright red (Pink according to F. Pridmore) with green pattern.
In this instance, even the one signed by the Treasurer is Dark Red with green pattern prints
                                               COLOUR ERROR?

Another interesting point is the 1919 year numerals, the numeral 9 of darker series is of a different font from the lighter series.

 Pretty odd, anyone care to comment?


  1. I wonder why people call it 'third issue' while it was only second issue.

    the first two (are variety).

    I have posted one with short article at

    Straits Settlement - 10 Cents Currency Note, 2nd Issue - A. M. Pountney (1919)

  2. Hi Ed, These were categorized as Emergency Issues because of the shortage of Silver coins.


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