Saturday, June 12, 2010

Straits Settlements & Malaya Counterfeit Currencies

A counterfeit Straits Settlements Five Cents dated 1884.
Back then, you could hire a Chinese servant for 15cents a day.

Another counterfeit Straits Settlements currency, this time a Five Dollars banknote dated 10 July 1916. Recently, a 2 Jan 1914 counterfeit Five Dollars banknote was sold for USD500.00 in a local auction.

Another counterfeit banknote of Five cents in value.In 1941, a Chinese labourer working for the Royal Engineers gets paid 45cents a day inclusive of food and lodgings.


A well circulated counterfeit 20cents coin and $1 banknotes of the 1950s era.On 19 August 1960, the local newspaper reported that the authorities seized 45855 pcs of $1 counterfeits plus an assortment of printings materials and a Multi Lith Model:1250 printing machine traceable to the NCR company. (Source: National Library, Singapore)

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