Saturday, October 2, 2010

Double Your Money??

The Straits Times dated 2 March 1954
   I wonder if anyone has tried to cash this type of split money, can it be done with present day note?
                           'Free board and lodging' will be provided................... if caught! ;-)

The Straits Times dated 10 Sept 1945

The following King George VI banknotes were acquired mainly from auctions and overseas dealers of which one was my very first piece bought on 17 June 1978 and it cost me S$4.50, how I wish that I had bought more at that time.

                         Set of running numbers bought 'donkey' years back from a RARE good and honest part time local dealer.
                                            PDJ, I'm sure you know who you know are!

                            Could this piece be considered as Radar numbers? Nice Prefix though!

         This printing of this note is off centre, thereby leaving a wider than usual margin on the left.

This note's serial numbers has been printed out of alignment, touching the King's vignette and also the lower border surrounding the BCCM name.

Ahhhhh! at last a normal standard piece :)

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