Saturday, November 20, 2010

"FILTHY MONEY" ~~~ Straits Settlements Paper Banknote Series?

In a recent auction, this repaired centre hole VF piece was sold for US$266.91including the buyer's premium of 16.05%.

                                                        (Expensive Filthy Money )
ex-Mavin Auction 25 dated 13 November 2010

These two Straits One Dollar notes dated 20 June 1921 and 5 September 1924 was bought in the 80's and each cost a mere fraction(< US$50.00).

(Cheap Filthy Money)

              Why FILTHY ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the following articles were from the newspaper of that era:


This could be the reason why polymer notes are being issued after almost a hundred years later.

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