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Straits Settlements Emergency 10cents Banknotes

On the 5th October 1917, the Straits Government issued an official Government Gazatte notice no:1313 announcing the intention of issuing the 10 cents banknote to counter the shortage of coins in the Straits Settlements.
The 10-cent note, locally designed and printed at the Government Printing Office, was a poor production, A thick open texture paper was employed which quickly absorbed moisture and dirt. It maybe unsuitable for the many and varied transactions of the population, nevertheless it had a large issue owning to the shortage of coins.
                                            Extracted from Coins and Coinages by F.Pridmore.

Hence, this publication from the Straits Times dated 15th Oct 1917.                          

This series has many issue dates and was either signed by H. Marriott, the Acting Treasurer or A.M. Pountney, the Treasurer. The first issue date was 1/10/1917 and last was 10/6/1920.
It is a tremendous challenge to have a complete series, something like 31 dates.

The first date of issue, 1.10.17, signed by the Acting Treasurer H. Marriott, and the only issue with the No. notation

Another date of issue, 1.1.18, signed by the Acting Treasurer H. Marriott, but with slight inking error of the serial number.

This variety carries the Tresurer A.M. Pountney signature with a date of 8.8.1919

Another A.M Pountney signature dated 25.2.1920

Do drop me a note if you have got the complete series. Happy Collecting!

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    I have published compilation information about the Emergency Notes. You can read them here:

    Straits Settlement - Emergency 10 Cents Note (1918)

    Straits Settlement - Emergency 10 Cents Note (1919)

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