Monday, June 22, 2020

The Closing Saga of Straits Settlements Currency Commissioner Names

In 2013, I published a blog article ( showing errors in the Straits Settlements currency commissioner names made by renowned numismatic authors. 

By 2016, I decided to write to Mr Steven Tan of International Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd whose catalogues numismatists consider as the 'Bible' for details and price references of most South East Asian currencies, informing him of these errors. As I am not on par with him in the field of numismatics, I was pleasantly surprised and glad that he took time to return a reply.

Only just today 22 June 2020, I bought Mr Tan's latest catalogue, his 23rd Edition, although it was released around mid 2019:

I was thrilled that he had the names corrected. This was because I had received a curt reply by a renowned UK auction house when I wrote to them about name errors in their auction catalogue and publication, mind you these commissioners were British subjects.

As they say........a picture is worth a thousand words:
                                      Picture taken from an older ISC catalogue, 20th Edition

                              Picture taken from latest ISC catalogue, 23th Edition     

A big word of THANKS to Mr Steven Tan for putting right the currency commissioners' name.

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