Sunday, August 29, 2010

(Malaya) New $1notes - minus the Queen's head

Can you imagine this was the headlines published on the front page of the local newspaper, The Straits Times , dated Tuesday May 26, 1959.

How crude!...................appropriately should have been 'minus the Queen's portrait'. Probably still suffering from the effects of the resentment of British rule and post-independence euphoria......

          Happy Independence Day to my fellow Malaysian Collectors and Friends!

Although the note is dated 1st March 1959, it was released to the Malayan public only in June of the same year.This note is one of the first series printed by Waterlow & Sons.

This is the reverse side of the same note.

 Termite eaten note with unique serial numbers.

                          My last A prefix piece of the Waterlow & Sons series.

In the same year, a similar design banknote was printed by another engraver Thomas de la Rue and subsequently issued to the Malayan public.

This pair of the later series MBB notes by Thomas de la Rue has a stuck digit error.

                            B prefixes of the Thomas de la Rue notes

According to a certain Malaysian publisher the prefixes of the Thomas de la Rue notes also starts with prefix A.
Can anyone confirm that this is correct?

About six months after the initial issue, The Straits Times dated December 27, 1959 published this report:

               Subsequently, more forgeries were discovered and reported in the press.

The following are some of the notes:

A modern day reproduction issued by Moneyworld during one of it's exhibitions. As good as the real thing, can you spot the difference?

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  1. HI,
    FYI, there is a switch of printer between Waterlow and TDLR in the A prefix at A/71...i personally traced the A prefix until A/71 and found 2 pieces of A/71 with diferent printers at a dealer shop in KL.

    Strictly speaking, the A prefix of TDLR is much rarer than Waterlow in terms of UNC notes and should be higher price. however most collectors are unaware of such notes existence and overlooked its potential. try to find a UNC TDLR A prefix and you will find that its even harder to get compared to Waterlow A UNC.
    just sharing my 2 pence worth of opinion...

    I have mine both waterlow A and TDLR A UNC in my blog...
    feel free to drop by and leave your comments



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