Saturday, August 7, 2010

The saga of the Malaya 50cent Banknote................

 These notes were printed in England between 1941 and 1944, handed to the War Office to be held for readiness for issue upon re-occupation of Malaya.They were then subsequently released into circulation in September 1945.

However, the following article appeared in The Straits Times on 20 March 1949, three and half years later! Why?

Did you know that amongst all banknotes issued during the Straits Settlements and British Malaya era, the fractional King George VI series of 1st July 1941 has the most number of design varieties. To collect all varieties in UNC condition is a challenge!

The following are the 50 cents varieties:

This 50 cents note is termed as an error note because  it is missing the colour purple in the large central ornamental panel.

Fractional currency ceases after this series, as they being of low value, they seldom reach the banks after issue and hence cannot be withdrawn and replaced. Moreover, the notes were very widely  and heavily used and became filthy in a short time, making the mintage of coins more economical and practical.

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